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The AWF is an all-volunteer, statewide association of people interested in the present and future well-being of Arizona’s wildlife, wildlife habitat and natural systems.


These conservationists believe our wildlife heritage should not be jeopardized by any activity that fails to ensure its long-term health and sustainability.

AWF is the National Wildlife Federation

Arizona Daily Sun – Public lands not for highest bidder 

April 24, 2016


To the editor:

In spite of the $646 billion annual outdoor industry, much of which is dependent on our vast public lands, a small but vocal minority of political “representatives” continue to push for a transfer of current public lands into the hands of the States. This ill-conceived effort, backed in many cases by those few who might benefit from such a transfer, often overlooks the staggering costs that few states could possibly afford.

To read the complete letter submitted by Tom Mackin, AWF Region 2 Director follow this link

Payson Roundup Letter to the Editor - April 22, 2016

Are you aware that our state Legislature is currently evaluating the transfer of our precious federal public lands (i.e., national forests, BLM lands, etc.) to the state?

Have the governor and the Legislature critically looked at the current condition of the 9 million acres of Arizona's "State Trust Lands", which seriously lack management?

How can they expect to take on the extremely complex management (e.g., fire management, forest restoration, etc.) and costs in the millions to manage roughly 30 million acres of federal public lands in Arizona?

To read the complete LTE from Bob Vahle, AWF Region 1 Director follow this link

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