AWF is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and assisting individuals and organizations to value, conserve, enhance, manage, and protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.


The AWF is an all-volunteer, statewide association of people interested in the present and future well-being of Arizona’s wildlife, wildlife habitat and natural systems.


These conservationists believe our wildlife heritage should not be jeopardized by any activity that fails to ensure its long-term health and sustainability.


Here's the latest from AZGFD on the Mexican Wolf reintroduction program

Annual Arizona Wildlife Trophies Book
Awards Presented

The awards for the 2014 annual competition were presented at the Arizona Game & Fish Department State Habitat Partnership Committee meeting, Saturday, July 25, 2015 at the Arizona Game & Fish Department’s Region I Office, 2878 E White Mountain Boulevard, Pinetop, AZ 85935.

Bronze awards were be awarded to:

   Dale Hislop – Pronghorn with a score of 95 4/8
   Jim Armstrong – Typical Coues Deer with a score of 130 5/8
   Mike L Ronning – Typical Elk with a score of 405 1/8
   Benjamin Franklin Gallaway – Non-typical Elk with a score of 393 2/8
   James Lara – Desert Bighorn Sheep  with a score of 185 2/8
   Anton “Skip” Rimsza – Turkey with a score of 2 2/16
   Robert D Griego – Turkey with a score of 2 2/16
   Hank Vandenbout – Black Bear with a score of 21 11/16

Honorable Mention awards were be awarded to:

   Joshua D Dowd – Pronghorn with a score of 90
   William R Balsi Jr – Typical Elk with a score of 400 3/8
   Robert Downing – Desert Bighorn Sheep with a score of 175 6/8

The Arizona Wildlife Federation has been publishing the Arizona Wildlife Trophies book every 5 years since 1970 to recognize and honor the remarkable Big Game wildlife of Arizona. The upcoming 2015 book is due to arrive at the end of this year. If you would like to preorder this book, please call Kimberlee at 480-644-0077. For more information on the annual competition visit

Congratulations to all of the successful Big Game hunters!

For all entries received for the 2014 annual completion click  Arizona Wildlife Trophy Awards 2015 

Currently the September BOW is FULL

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Sandra Nagiller BOW Scholarship Fund


A Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) scholarship fund has been set up in memory of our past board member Sandra Nagiller. Sandra was a wonderful woman and she was the essence of a true outdoor woman so it is only fitting that we carry on her legacy through the BOW program, sponsored by the AWF. You can contribute to the fund by following this link


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