Antelope Capture/Relocation Jan. 24-26 Prescott Valley Area  

Prescott Valley

Jan 24, 2012    6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Jan 25, 2012    6:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Jan 26, 2012    6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The AZ Game & Fish Department is conducting 2 different capture activities next week and needs volunteers for both.   


The first is a multi-day capture/relocation project and involves construction of the capture pens as well as assistance with the capture itself.


The second is less strenuous and involves helping G&F locate pronghorn they will be capturing to place GPS collars and then releasing.  

Capture/Relocation Jan. 24-26 Prescott Valley Area    


The purpose of this project is to bolster the pronghorn populations with additional numbers and genetic diversity in Units 35A/B (Elgin and San Rafael Valley areas). The pronghorn population in Unit 19A will be kept at a manageable size and allow for continued recruitment of fawns.   


We will be working on the Perkins Ranch north of Prescott Valley and east of Chino Valley in Arizona. We will be constructing 1-2 miles of wing fences, an alley way fence and corral. All fencing will be new for this project and be removed immediately after the capture is completed.


This is a three day project beginning Tuesday, Jan. 24th. You must work one of the first two construction days (Jan 24-25; Jan 24th preferred) to assist with the capture (Jan 26). We will be carpooling to the worksite, so if you arrive after 7:30 AM and miss the caravan you will miss work on the project for that day.   


The finalized exact meeting location will be provided to participants who register with a Game and Fish contact below.  


Please do not contact the AWF to RSVP.  


Contact: Virginia Gouldsbury at (928-856-0785) or Erin Butler at (928-692-7700 x 2330) in the Kingman Arizona Game and Fish Department Region III office. 

Capture/Collar/Release Jan. 24-26 Agua Fria Grasslands 


Arizona Game and Fish Department will be coordinating a pronghorn capture for the Agua Fria Grasslands Adaptive Management Project. They will be deploying 25 GPScollars in GMU 21 and the eastern portion of 19A. This project is a collaborative effort between AGFD, BLM, USFS, ASU, and AAF (AAF provided funding for the refurbishment of 5 of the collars that will be deployed in GMU 21). All apologies for the late notice. Although these dates (Tuesday January 24th - Thursday January 26th) were set back in September, several obstacles prevented a definitive green light and a final confirmation. Everything is now in order though, so they look forward to seeing as many of you out there as can make it.  


This project requires lighter duty for volunteers than the Prescott Valley capture, so if you'd prefer that type of activity, head on out and glass for pronghorn on this Agua Fria Grasslands capture.  


The capture will use the AGFD Horseshoe Ranch as the base of operations/staging area. Most participants will be assisting with spotting during the capture, which consists of driving existing roads or hiking to observation points and glassing for pronghorn. Once animals are spotted, the herd size/composition is relayed to the coordinator who tracks this info and directs the helicopter and fixed-wing according to collar distribution priorities.  


The support of skilled Antelope Foundation members has been key to the smooth execution of at similar captures in the past. Assistance will also be required at the staging area to help re-pack deployed nets.  


If you're interested and available, please contact Scott Sprague with AGFD ( and provide the following information:  


  1. Which capture days you're available for (24th, 25th, 26th) or scouting (23rd)
  2. If you're interested in camping at Horseshoe Ranch (and which nights)
  3. If you will have a vehicle that you're comfortable driving on gravel roads/2-tracks
  4. If you need to borrow any optics/field EQ
  5. Cell number (and if you're willing to share it with the whole crew)  

Scott will provide further details to those that contact him. He can also provide more information about the project for anyone with questions. Thanks for your interest and you dedication.  


Scott Sprague  

Wildlife Specialist  

Wildlife Contracts Branch  

Arizona Game and Fish Department  

Cell: (480) 528-4686

Office: (623) 236-7252

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