Camo at the Capitol 2022--In person!

This year's Camo at the Capitol will once again be held in person at the State Capitol Senate Lawn at 1700 W. Washington St, Phoenix! 

Camo at the Capitol event is aimed at cultivating a strong conservation voice for hunters and anglers with a goal is to assure state laws and policies benefit wildlife and our sporting heritage.   

At the event you will get to:

  •  Learn about our state's conservation organizations and the important work that they do to conserve wildlife and promote our sporting heritage.

· Get up to speed on current legislation and how it impacts us as sportsmen and women.

· Learn about how climate is impacting our wildlife and it's habitat here in Arizona.

· Learn how you can get involved and be an effective advocate for our wildlife and sporting heritage.

  • And join us for fun and lunch with wild game and fly casting demonstrations!
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