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Climate Action for Wildlife

Climate Change hurts hunters and anglers who rely on healthy and abundant wildlife.

Today, hunters and anglers are on the front lines of climate change. Climate change poses an immediate and specific threat to hunting and fishing in America, challenging the traditions and values of outdoor recreationalists, their respect for the land, and the legacy they leave to future generations. Many sportsmen and women are already seeing its effects on their hunting and fishing opportunities, and are very concerned about what climate change means to the future of these traditional outdoor activities.

We urge you to support legislation that will inspire us to use our American ingenuity to create jobs in renewable energy, conservation, and wildlife management.  Take action today!

Recent News in 2022— "Sackett v. EPA" and the Clean Water Act Threatened

This year, the Supreme Court heard the case, "Sackett v. EPA", on the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which has helped to restore dumping grounds into productive, healthy waterways, kept areas safe for fishing and swimming, and increased fish and fish-dependent populations like Arizona river otters.

In this Supreme Court case, a radical opponent of clean water is seeking to withdraw the Clean Water Act’s longstanding protections for roughly half the nation’s streams and wetlands. In Arizona, 6,381 miles of streams could lose protections. With your continued support, we hope to hear good news early next year.

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