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Records of Arizona Big Game Score Sheets

The Official Scoring System

In 1950 the Boone & Crockett Club devised a system of rating trophies according to overall quality. Since that time, its official scoring system has become the internationally recognized system for ranking North American big game and is the one used in Arizona Wildlife Trophies for listing all trophies except javelina and wild turkey. No system existed for scoring javelina when the first edition of Arizona Wildlife Trophies was being developed. Several alternatives were considered, and the Committee finally decided to use a skull measurement similar to that used by Boone & Crockett for bears and cats, with the exception that teeth were not to be considered part of the skull when measuring length, because javelina are prone to dental malformations which affect scores unjustly. Even though some large javelina have small heads and vice-versa, the skull measurement is still the most accurate and fair way to judge this animal.  We also added a turkey scoring system since Boone and Crockett doesn't allow turkeys to be entered in their book.  With the exception of Turkey and Javelina, we use the Boone and Crockett method and score sheets for animals to be entered in our book.

Visit the Boone & Crockett website to print a score sheet (except javelina and turkey which is available below)

Boone & Crockett Link

Javelina (Collared Peccary) Score Sheet

Turkey Score Sheet

Click here for a list of Official Measurers

Click here for a list of minimum scores.

Send all of the following:

  • $30.00 Entry Fee. The entry fee can be paid with a check payable to “AWF”
  • Current score sheet, signed and dated by the Official Measurer
  • Clearly focused photographs of trophy front, right side, and left side of horns or antlers. For skull, include photographs of front, top, right side, and left side. Digital photographs are acceptable, but must be high quality. 3"x4" or 4"x6" photos are preferred, either singly or all on a single 8.5"x11" sheet of glossy photo-grade paper.
  • Photo of hunter & animal
  • Entry Affidavit or Materials Release Form. The hunter's signature on the Entry Affidavit must be witnessed by either an Official Measurer or notary public, or it is not acceptable. No Entry Affidavit is required for trophies of unknown origin, picked up, hunter deceased, purchased at flea markets, etc. However a Materials Release Form, signed by the owner, is required for these trophies. The Materials Release Form is on the back of the score sheet.
  • Hunter, Guide, and Hunt Information form or Narrative of the history of the trophy. A completed Hunter, Guide, and Hunt information form is required even if the services of a guide were not employed on the hunt. The hunter simply needs to complete the parts of the HGH form that apply to his particular trophy.
  • Copy of hunting license/big-game tag/salvage permit used to take or possess the trophy. In lieu of a copy of the original license/tag. A statement from an appropriate Game & Fish Department official certifying that a license (and any required tags) was possessed by the hunter at the time the trophy was taken. If the Game and Fish Department no longer has records at its disposal to verify a license purchase, a written statement, on official letterhead, from game and fish personnel stating the fact that the license information is no longer available is acceptable.
  • A narrative is required for trophies of unknown origin, picked up, hunter deceased, purchased at flea markets, etc. The narrative must include pertinent information about how the trophy was acquired, condition of trophy (if found), dates, bills of sale, etc.


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If you would like to submit your entry digitally

Please email Gabriel Paz at with the subject line 

ONLINE RECORD BOOK ENTRY for further details.

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